Josephine Anstey

The Bicameral Emulation Exercise


Step 1: Gather Materials
  1. 2 cups of dried lentils, beans, pulses or peas
  2. 10-20 small pieces of grit
  3. 2 bowls (earthenware or ceramic
  4. headphones for listening to "Bicameral Mind Emulation Exercise" audio clip
  5. Note: headphones with right and left ear piece correctly positioned are necessary

Step 2: Prepare Materials
  1. place bowls on floor next to each other
  2. place lentils and grit in one bowl - mix

Step 3: Prepare Self
  1. sit in front of bowls
  2. put on headphones
  3. start "Bicameral Emulation Exercise" audio clip
  4. Let your consciousness rise though the top of your head and float just above head for the duration of the exercise

Step 4: Bicameral Emulation
  1. sort lentils into second bowl discarding grit
  2. listen to right and left

Step 5: Prepare Materials
  1. use one cup of sorted lentils to make soup or dal
  2. store or discard remainder of lentils

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Video and photography: Dave Pape
Performance: Lucy Anstey-Pape

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